Contributing Writer for Thrive Global

Thrive Global (founded by Arianna Huffington) is a company committed to accelerating the culture shift that allows people to reclaim their lives and move from surviving to thriving.

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Creative Conceptualizer

My specialty is to illuminate the vision and bring it into terms that will move people with stories, visuals and cultural transformation.





I follow my heart, choose happiness, and trust life to connect the dots. I seek powerful work that improves lives and the human condition. So far, so inspiring...

Empowering women with educational pieces on birth control options, from remote villages in Thailand to Internet-saturated S. Korea, was some of the most meaningful work I've done. I've also sold breakfast cereals on six continents, luxury vehicles on two and beer in one.

Et maintenant, je parle français, oh là!

Change stretches and pulls us past what we know and into true creativity. Generally, great startups embody a bold openness to learn and grow like a child; and, agencies know how to get down to business. Merging these modalities is a recipe for modern-day alchemy.

I seek and share in the world's beauty and kindness, to recognize the life which surrounds me always, and to be ever curious, kind, and grateful. I celebrate wisdom, wonder, wellness and giving as measures of success.





Freelance Creative Director
Contributor to Thrive Global

Director of Brand, Culture & Mission | Call9, startup
Chief Creative Officer | Oomf, startup
Art Director | McCann Paris
Art Director | Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
Creative Director | Adwerks, UF


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