Wanna Talk Woo-Woo? - Published in Thrive Global

Photographed by the author, Jennie Souiade (c) 2015

Photographed by the author, Jennie Souiade (c) 2015


Wanna talk woo-woo?

“What is this call about?” he asked. “Magic,” I said. “But, of course!” he replied, “Where shall we start?”

I’ve decided to be brave and start to ask when I sense someone is willing to talk about the woo-woo. This month alone, I’ve approached three more people who I’ve felt this sensation of knowing, that they know something about knowing something. But, of course! All three of the people I asked did indeed know and wanted to talk about it. As we discussed, each of us felt reinvigorated — remembering what we already know somehow but are still just figuring it out.

Each time I dare to open up and discuss freely, I expand my understanding. Layers upon layers of understanding reveal themselves to me as I reflect on our discussions and as I look into their recommendations for more information.

When we give ourselves permission to share we also open the door to receive. We multiply our experiences and our understandings, enriching our souls. We are each drops of water on a path that will eventually change the stone.

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This article was originally published on June 14, 2017.